The research team of KI-LOK was part of this year’s SAEC Days conference. Prof. Dr. Holger Schlingloff from ZeSys e.V. presented first results of the project, introducing the process model for safety and security co-engineering in his lecture on June 30, 2022. Afterwards, a produvtive discussion with the audience. We would like to thank all participants for the lively exchange and the valuable suggestions that have been made!



In the June issue of SQ Magazine, our team presents the EmbeddedSafeSec project and describes challenges, results and their industrial application. The article “Safety- und Security-Engineering Hand in Hand” is available as part of the issue 65 on the SQ Magazine website after free registration. (German only)



Prof. Holger Schlingloff from ZeSys e.V. will give a presentation at this year’s VDA Automotive SYS Conference based on the research results of the EmbeddedSafeSec project. The presentation is titled “Joint Specification and Testing of Safety and Security requirements”.